2021 Michigan Basketball Recruiting - No. 1 in the country!

From Maize N’ Brew - “Juwan Howard and the Wolverines still hold the No. 1 class in the country, with other commitments from five-star forward Caleb Houstan, five-star forward Moussa Diabate, four-star guard Kobe Bufkin, four-star guard Frankie Collins and four-star wing Isaiah Barnes.”

Source - https://www.maizenbrew.com/2020/11/11/21560237/michigan-basketball-recruiting-2021-class-early-signing-period-tracker-caleb-houstan-moussa-diabate

Confession - I actually have no idea if we’re going to be good at basketball this year, but it looks like we’ll be ranked starting the season? Can anyone provide a quick rundown they can share with positions of strength/weakness?

It was just like yesterday winning it all in '89 what a glorious time to be on campus. Then…things went south in a hurry. Seems like several coaches and upgrades along the way, and here we are. Have faith. Football will rebound.

Agreed! :part_alternation_mark: :football: :basketball:

It’s going to be an interesting basketball season, looking forward to seeing what Coach Howard can do.

The AP preseason rankings were released this week. UM at #25.

Michigan may be the only University that can truly be considered both a football and a basketball university…

Tho truth be recognised, Michigan has been more of a Basketball School than a football school for decades tho the perception, even Nationally is football embraced.

Michigan has had basketball teams playing in the NCAA Championship game during the decades of the '60’s; 70’s; 80’s; 90’s & 20teens… Only the calendar decade of 2000 to 2010 did a Michigan basketball team fail to make an NCAA Champion game appearance.

Juwann will build a Wolverine program that continues this NCAA National Basketball success, tradition & Michigan Heritage!
As I See It…Bch Rak

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Time to move on from so-called football season & harbaugh bs.
Michigan Mens Basketball is doing it on the court. This team is a blast to watch and with 2 great B10 road victories so far I’m looking forward to the game against NW tonight at Crisler!

Juwan for a first time HC? Coaching & recruiting? I’m thinkin he is so far on track for B10 Coach of the year along with maybe National Coach of the year accolades?

Yeah what I’m thinkin…BchRak

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Agreed…and look where basketball was for two decades. Amaker started to level it off. Beilein brought the goods and took us TO the championship…Howard will finish the job. It’s a process.