2021 Michigan Football - Predict the season record

Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable Summer! :sunny:

It’s been a pretty hot August, and I’m starting to wish for cooler temperatures and the dong punch that invariably is Michigan Football - I’m ready to be hurt again, lol .

That being said, what’s your take on the record for this season, game by game? I’ll start -

Western - W
Washington - W
Rutgers - W
Wisconsin - L
Nebraska - W
Northwestern - W
Indiana - W
Penn State - L
Maryland - W
Ohio State - L

8-4, which is certainly a step up from last year, but in typical Michigan Football fashion - losing every game that matters. Very similar feel to the 2017 season.

I want to be wrong (in a good way) and they somehow beat State and get to 9 wins! But 15 years since Lloyd, this program has surprised to the downside more than upside for most years. We will see!

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8-4 seems about right. Would love to see them one of @ Wisc, @ Penn St, or O$U just so we can feel like things are moving upward again.

Penix will be out for the season before we play them because that’s what he does.


…“had” an enjoyable summer? Its not over yet still a month to go - please don’t shortchange me - Harbaugh coached Michigan football does that enuff to me.

Haven’t really paid much attention tho to Michigan football since last season’s MSU game but on with this season’s “predictions” - well more of a commentary.

I’m thinking 95% sure of 3 “for sure” losses - no elaboration is necessary. So what happenes in those remaining 9 games? Well for one to think Michigan will go 8-4 on the season they’ll need to win 8 of those 9 games - REALLY? Yo;K… lets give the benefit of my doubt and say yeah. 8-4 this is the high side. On the other side I can see them losing 10 games which puts them at 2-10.

Those are the 2 extreme parameters and since extremes are fairly uncommon, Reality begs for a regresssion to The Mean which in this case gives us 5-7 maybe 6-6.

The 2 bell weather games will be Washington & Rutgers in The Big House. If Michigan losses both or even struggles to a W against Rutgers like they did in '20 look for something in the 5-7 range; maybe - or even worse. Expect a Washington victory and dont underestimate a Schiano coached Rutgers team.

Until Harbaugh proves me wrong, I won’t count on this team winning any road games and Harbaugh seems to always find a way to lose a game or 2 against less talented competition that they’re expected to win. Think Indiana & Northwestern, here.

Yep, hopefully 6-6 which will be disappointing; but the upside will be at seasons end we can bury the Harbaugh Era once & for all.
As I See It…BchRak

I think I’m going with 7-5 or 8-4.

I think all the changes on the coaching staff will not necessarily be a good thing. I could be wrong though and they catch lightning in a bottle and everyone hits on all cylinders.

Also, if they lose to MSU again, Harbaugh should be highly encouraged to find a NFL job.

Michigan did what they shoulda done at home against Western and ahhhh Washington didn’t do shit on what they shudda done at home to Montana…

yeah the huskies now gotta travel 2800 miles to the Big House and they will arrive sufferin a big lack of confidence. A couple weex ago I waz ready to pik Washington but ???
Michigan should win this game and I’m thinkin now fairly comfy not because Michigan has yet proven to be anything great but because Washington has proven they suk…
As I See It… Go Blue! BchRak

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