Austin Davis Status

Any insight as to his injury progress? Would nice to get his minutes back and as the schedule get tougher and game frequency increases. Thanks! Go Blue!!!


Is it really good, or really bad I forgot about ‘Big Country’…he was really coming into his own, but the group on the floor is just humming along. I haven’t heard anything about him.

He is back. Fyi. Facts. Not made up lies.

This Wisconsin game is a blowout of epic proportions. Does anyone know if Harbaugh listened in on Juwan’s halftime talk & coaching schpeel in order to learn anything…
…you know like he did at Crisler years back to hear his brother in law’s bs b 4 he got fired from Indiana?
Jus wunderrin’…BchRak

If you’ve never heard a Bo halftime/pre-game speech, no disrespect to Howard…Jim learned all that is necessary, Bo’s speeches were legendary.

Sooo why did harbaugh need to listen to Brother in law Crean then back in '16 (I think) at halftime when Indiana was playin Michigan…

Complete insult at the time to Coach Belein & Michigan basketball.
but now that Harbz has been extended and he’s you know not quite the coach we thought he was and maybe it might not be a bad time for the 4 million $$$ man to go listen to Juwan at halftime too.

Jus sayin…BchRak

I think halftime speeches are a bit overrated. Sure they can help, but being prepared and self motivated help more.

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