Been really dead on here

Just wanted to post to start a conversation. What are your thoughts on the upcoming season, coaching hires, anything we can talk about?

Hard to get excited for anything football as the last decade has been 50/50 - some bright spots, but always a huge end of season dud with a loss to OSU combined with nearly always a loss in the bowl game.

I presume at @ Wisconsin and the game against Ohio State are an automatic loss.

As for the upside - I’m in wait and see mode for the upcoming season. But if they can beat Washington, @ Nebraska, and @ Sparty, I’m somewhat hopeful they can maybe pull off an upset and knock off Penn State. If we can’t beat Indiana / Maryland, Harbaugh is a total zero - these two games should be a win. There’s a path to actually having a decent season, but again, we’ll see.

I’m looking forward to a massive first tailgate. Unless we we are still socially distanced in September which would be pathetic.

Fully expect Michigan to be out of touch. Very embarrassing for them.

Basically the hallmarks of a bad program thats ok with being bad. Harbaugh will win some games that people will cheer for because the expectations are so low, wins that will be magnified despite the fact Michigan is on paper more talented.

Then he will get destroyed by competent teams and people will make excuses and point to games he should have won as to why he should still coach at michigan.

50% of the fan base will want him gone, 50% will be ok with losing because they are Lions fans and are just happy to drool through football games every saturday and sunday. Apathy sets in, fans stop selling out (It’ll be claimed a sell out at the stadium) and we will miss the boat on a good coach and have to settle for a Michigan alum coaching somewhere in the Sun belt conference.