Covid college games?

So after missing Maryland, and now their own issues in house missing illinois, this sounds horrible…what if? What if Michigan decided to put a royal screw you on the suckeyes and had covid cases cancel the game and possibly keep osu out of B1G championship and playoff possibly? Deep down I want to play them and have a shot and if nothing else play the game because it’s football. On the other end, what a great way to stick it to one of the slimiest program around. I’m torn between screw OSU any way possible and just man up.

I would like to see them powerbomb Sparty though.


Absolutely, msu/osu either one losing is a win for us forever and always.

looks like we may have entered the COVID portal. Just seems odd that with injuries this weekend, what appears to be a lack of energy from players, and to date, little to no COVID in house…suddenly we shut down operations as we face Maryland and OSU in the tilt
The obvious is omnipresent, we shut it down, OSU is done within the B1G and potentially the playoffs. I am ALL for this. I know it’s possible for the covid to suddenly appear, symptoms to occur…it just seems like convenient timing. Maybe Harbs is addressing the team about his plan…going forward. Who knows.

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This is an absolutely Great opportunity for Michigan to pay both the B10 & OSU back for 1973…
Fuk both OSU & the B10 without ever taking the field and then give Harbz his last check to boot. BOOM!


LOL I was thinking the EXACT same thing…fuck OSU/B1G all at once. that 73 game was BS. 'we felt OSU even though Michigan was undefeated, we felt the QB injury, for a run dominant team would be an issue. So we are sending the bugeyes to the Rose Bowl. I know many think this is a bush league approach…middle finger in the air. ANYTHING to put a hurt on OSU all the better. I say think of the children, OSU laid their own path missing two other games so it’s not like we are the lone monster here. screw them any way possible.

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12 positive? … on top of all the other attrition. O$u is not happening.

The Big 14 will probably change rules midstream, like our corrupt election, to give them a pass on playing for the Championship. Rules are rules.

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I’d guess without speaking directly, it’s a comparison how this election was twisted all sorts of ways to allow the opportunity for rampant fraud… Ultimately rules are only rules so long as it doesn’t stop the flow of green cash. OSU will get a pass against the rules because Gene $mith and the conference want the suckeyes in the playoffs

What?!? Rampant fraud?

Your argument isn’t worth it. I left the blahg to avoid leftist crap. Have a great day and remember you voted for the shit about to unfold.


Amen. Scary times when the truth is suppressed or manipulated and diversity of opinion is met with violence & insanity.


This board does not support leftist insanity - your posts will be deleted/your IP will be banned. Go back to MGoBlog with that shit.


And a big difference, they can spout all they want, I won’t play the bait game, I won’t kneel to their crap. The blahg pushes that narrative. I’m here to post and comment on sports. and read about it. I love the streaming features you provide. I’m not getting wrapped up in their agenda. Ban it, block it, leave it. I don’t care. Their erasure of anything discussing a different perspective was twitter level censure.

Thank you for that! Politics can be separated from sports!


I hate to say it, osu deserves a shot at the B1G they are just better than the rest of the conference. They made MSU look like a high school squad.

The righteous bloggers are alive. Would be nice if actual Michigan grads supported the team. Seems like most will never succeed in life or never graduated.

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it’s what I often refer to as ‘Michigan arrogance’ they are holier than thou and have every answer because they drank the water in Ann Arbor. These are kids who play a game. My absolute pet peeve is the money cannon bullshit. They all talk like there is some fountain of cash that will ensure we win everything. Well they paid Harbaugh a shitload and how’s that paying off? And who is funding this endless pit of cash? Absolutely not the loud mouths who continue to spout off about it. They talk like it’s their money…just a joke.

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Army/Navy, what a fun game and strategy battle. The fog and playing at West Point just made it all the better, an Army win was all the better.