Favorite football plays

OK so trying to get a little conversation going on here. Please list your two favorite plays from Michigan football history. Mine are as follows: The Catch Desmond vs. Notre Dame, and Mario Manningham’s game winner against Penn State. I could list so many others, but those two forever stand out in my mind. Looking forward to what you guys have to say. GO BLUE

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I’m going to remove the trophy winners from my consideration since they both made some very memorable plays. #2 Wangler to Carter to beat Indiana as the clock ran down. #1 Alan Branch (I think) leveling the PSU QB to set the tone early in the game between two highly ranked opponents, that ended up being a blowout for M.


Timberlakes 24 yrd TD run to cap the scoring on the M blowout of Oregon St in the '65 Rose Bowl. There, I’ve dated myself.
Michigan Football: Ahhhh the good ole days…BchRak

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The Mario Manningham corner catch/Triple OT win against STAEE in 2004.

Mine was Woodson punt return vs OSU. This was key on many levels. I literally had a vision the night before, the play as it happened. I shared the story before the game with the guy who sits next to me every year. When they lined up, I called it, this is the one. Sure enough he ran it back right infront of us…

The play iced the win, trip to the rose bowl, trip to a national title, and cemented his heisman.

I have 5. Three were mentioned:

  1. Desmond’s catch at ND
  2. AC catch to beat Indiana
  3. Woodson Punt Return
  4. Desmond “Hello Heisman” Punt return
  5. Harbaugh to Kolesar to beat OSU

Both punt returns:


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Good call. Thanks for the clips. They never get old. Irony the Desmond and Woodson returns were into the same end and similar in a lot of respects.

Two great calls on great plays. Wasn’t it great to hear Keith Jackson’s voice on the Desmond return?

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absolutely. Particularly as it happened I was there and didn’t hear it as a broadcast. Keith Jackson was a classic announcer. There are none like him with that perfect blend of southern drawl and colorful excitement.

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What about Barry Pierson’s punt return against OSU, and Ufer’s utterly fantastic description of the return.

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Ufer was a legend. He brought radio broadcast to life. And where it may seem over the top…it was just Bob being Bob and genuine excitement