First OT Post - Ford starts Mach-E Production

Despite being crazy (or I should I say, it drives me crazy) about Michigan Football, there’s a number of other things that I enjoy reading about.

One of these pertains to electric vehicles. Do I think electric vehicles have a future? Absolutely. Do I think electric vehicles will ramp up as fast as people/investors expect? No. I think it will be a gradual ramp, with plug-in hybrids seeing greater adoption. PHEV sales in Germany already reflect this -

Anyways, there’s an interesting thread on a Ford Mach E (Ford’s first mass market electric vehicle), that I thought was interesting -

One little nugget - “The area is divided into two parts: Trim, where the interiors of the unit are installed, and Chassis that takes care of the exterior parts as well as mechanics. The new line of high voltage batteries has 75% automatic processes. Finally, it takes 7 hours and 247 people for each shift for a vehicle to be completed at a rate of 20 units per hour.”

I have a tangential connection to the automotive supply chain - 20 jobs an hour is a decent place to start, but if you’re shooting for 70-100K units a year, you need to get that to at least 35-40 (I think?).

Exciting to see what Ford is doing here.

Personally in think the biggest hurdle is available charging stations. Once people aren’t worried about recharge I can see it taking off. It appears power plant is there, options are there, and tesla broke a lot of barriers

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@Meeechigan - I’m not so sure the power plants are there for EVs to be above 15% for all vehicles sold. I’m nearly positive that anything beyond that would require ‘dirty’ (non-renewal) power generation. California is having a heck of a time generating power in the absence of natural gas powerplants.

I want one despite the hefty price tag. I think Ford is going to do very well with it. I can’t imagine the tech is as good as the Model Y despite being in the same segment…but I think the Mustang branding is well done.

Anybody see the Vaughn Gittin Jr. drift version? 1400hp AND back seats!

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Oh for sure, but is that due to available options or a chicken and the egg scenario? Why invest in charging plants if the electric hybrid dies in the process. Clean energy is coming

Another hurdle, you can argue which is bigger, is the supply of batteries. There are only a handful of companies who can supply them, and many OEMs already have contracts with them so it is a bottleneck. Furthermore, these batteries require rare elements to make their components such as lithium that are not prevalent on earth, some only in countries where we’d rather not do business.

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Solid point. And that’s a matter of supply and demand. Once the full focus is on electric I have a feeling companies will line up at the door.