Georgia's new voting law

I am not looking to start an argument, I am really trying to understand what it is about this law that is being perceived as racist. Can any of you give me any insight? I don’t see how this law is Jim Crow 2.0

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It’s racist in the sense, That’s the new Dem virtue signal that can’t be argued. Call anything racism and you can’t argue or you are dangerous. By requiring ID the Dems are scared other states will do the same.
Irony, BLACK former Surgeon general so eloquently stated, Dems are racist, which most here already knew…by stating it’s denying voter rights, Dems are saying blacks are “too dumb or incapable” of getting IDs. His point is spot on. THAT is racism. Carson said I’m not sure who they are talking about, I don’t know any Blacks really anyone who can’t secure an ID to secure their right to vote. Dems are banking on fear of covid and mail fraud to seal government into communist rule.

I also think it is incredibly racist to assume that black voters cannot get an ID, or it is harder to get an ID. So the people that are claiming racism are also perpetuating it. Americans have become sheep just listening to and following anything the media says.

Its all about power and diversion. This has zero do with Americans. Ask XuBiben the puppet for the devil.

Not racist. Racist is a liberal Democrat social elite Hollywood term designed to manipulate you.