Harbaugh needs to go

I don’t think he can stay without harming recruiting. It’s getting worse week by week.


I told anyone who would listen to hire Dan Mullen instead of this ass clown, no one listened, what is worse than a laughing stock? Cause thats what we are


Straight up honest, McMullen wasn’t coming. I knew his tight end coach, they just built a new office and player facility etc. He had everything he wanted when we talked to him…just bad timing.

He was a miss state, he could have come here and went at urban, his mentor. We would have doubled his salary at the time if not more. He wasnplan b, did they really talk to him in earnest??? Hairballs was hacketts only target

Wisconsin is running our offense from years gone bye. Speed in space. Lol.

No emotion. Free ride. Cancel the scholarship.

We got small weak dudes. Over paid tuition

If they decide to move on, they need to do it quickly to get a jump on a new coaching search. I just get the feeling they won’t. As much as his teams have underperfromed on the field, his players have been great students and community members. We all know that is more important to the decision makers there.

The problem here is that they really can’t find a successful and available coach until after the season. They certainly can fire Harbaugh (and should). I’m not sure Fickell would come, but I think he should be first choice. We definitely need to find some asst coaches who can recruit.

I’m Telling you, as hard as it is to believe it was bad timing and Mullen was not leaving. He felt he had everything in the SEC. UM was not a destination job in his eyes. The guy I know is very close, and I asked point blank when he was here for a high school camp. Mullen was not coming to UM. I know it’s hard to believe. One of the things most UM alum/fans want to believe is that EVERYONE wants to coach Michigan. Not everyone wants the academic pressures, the fan base filled with arrogance, and moving north. It’s not all it may appear in our eyes.

I don’t agree with Fickle. He’s not a coaching messiah. I want nothing to do with an OSU guy. There are plenty of creative young coaches out there who would make a difference. He’s not it. You have to take the pandemic crazy out of the equation. The bearcats are having a good season, one does not make a great coach.

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Strange days have found us - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI76mRtSD9g

The next HC at Michigan doesn’t need to be a “Coaching Messiah”.
He needs to be someone who can consistently beat MSU, break even with PSU and win once every 3 or 4 years against OSU…

Bo was no fuking “Coaching Messiah” - he was a fuking monkey see, monkey do traditionalist Woody Hayes clone who could recruit the state of Ohio.
And this is the winning formula in the college game:
Recruit, ReCRuiT and RECRUIT!

Michigan football success is predicate and past history says that to win the B10 (and now B10 East) one must beat OSU. Michigan has accomplished this in the past by having an HC with direct ties as either a player or coach or both to OSU because this is the only way the recruiting door to the state of Ohio is opened.

Frankly, the best 2 candidates right now that fit this bill are PJ Fleck or Luke Fickell. And Fickell has had a helluva lot more success at Cincy than 1 season - this season will be his third very successful year there.
I like Fickell presently because of his strong state of Ohio recruiting ties.
IF a Michigan HC can get some of that blue chip talent to come to Michigan instead of it all today, now, going to OSU - this will dilute OSU’s current roster talent level. While increasing Michigan’s.

Could a guy like Fickell accomplish this? IDFK but one thing for sure Harbaugh hasn’t & can’t and never will but Fickell just might be able too, if he is willing to come to Michigan. He might just be biding his time till Day leaves for the NFL as he will most certainly be OSU’s first choice as HC when Day undoubtedly leaves for the NFL. Michigan should certainly give credence to wooing the guy.

That’s the junk I see that’s washed ashore…BchRak

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Apologize if my statement came across as vitrol.i do not have any confidence fickle is an upgrade. He’s winning in covid cincinnati…fleck, even harbaugh beat him…urban meyer? I’d say let’s see if he’s for real. Otherwise, find a smaller program with a young guy who wins consistently. Otherwise take a shot. Fickle is a tool.

That’s fair and I am not sold on Fickell 100% either. I would hope and pray whoever it is, the title of Michigan Man is not a prerequisite. Make him earn that title with his coaching. After all, Bo was not a MM before being hired here.

Agree 100%. For $7 million a year, we’re not even asking to be OSU elite. Just winning the B1G once every 3 to 4 years.

No problem, I didn’t take it as vitriol. We should have strong opinions about our favorite team. Someone else mentioned Fleck. I watched him in Kalamazoo and he did a great job. But I could not get over the feeling he was a snake oil salesman. He proved that by trying to steal WMU players and did take a lot of his recruits (including Tanner Morgan). I think what we are seeing with Minnesota this year is his return to earth.

Fleck seems like a good fit for minnie. Honestly I don’t see taking recruits you worked for and built relationship with as stealing. I guess it’s semantics. And insured we are passionate about the program, I’m just a little gunshy from the zelots on the blahg.we need to hire the right coach not “the best” coach in a hurry

Absolutely. I bought in on the harbaugh hire as he is still very passionate about the success of the program he just can’t make it work. I don’t need it to be a michigan man. But I don’t want it to be an osu guy for the very same reason. It’s not a guarantee of anything. A program like mount union has put out some solid coaches…many ways to move forward

OK, gang… take a look at what Bo’s record was while he was HC at Miami(oh). Nothing stellar at all, nothing that anyone should have expected him to get a gig at Michigan. BUt Bo was preceded at Miami by guys like Woody & Ara Parsegian - not that this in and of itself was any tip to his future success at Michigan…

…and in fact he was not Don Canham’s first choice to be HC at Michigan. Canham wanted Jo Paterno - a proven big time winner at PSU - and a deal with JoPa had been worked out but Paterno wanted to wait till after his bowl game before leaving and Canham because of recruiting & his ego didn’t care to wait, so he went with a complete unknown guy named Schembechler who had come highly recommended by 2 coaches named Hayes & Parsegian…
(And in hindsight - nuther story but Thank goodness Michigan didn’t get 1st choice Paterno)
Point is - Michigan’s next HC doesn’t need to be some flash in pan HC with a stellar record; and Cincy currentl’y can be equated to an old school Miami as guys like Dantonio, Kelly and even Tuberville had success there all who have went on to greater things: B10 Championships, National Playoff games, and even Senator Elect as in Tubberville’s case.
Luke Fickell will have great success as an HC too, whether it continues at cincy or elsewhere - most likely OSU.
…and Michigan has gone the route of hiring a HC with name exposure & national success who was not a “Michigan Man”; who had no ties to OSU, how did that work out with RichRod?

I’m not saying Fickell is the guy anymore than any1 else but given Michigan’s historical football success, and when one analyzes the data re that success its denominator in terms of coaches & personal have strong Ohio connections.
Bo, Moeller, Dierdorf, Desmond, Woodson and a lot more blue chip Michigan football success from the days of Winning Past had Ohio ties. Ain’t sayin; jus sayin…
Current Storm Waves washing more junk ashore…BchRak