Has any other state health department shut down an athletic department in the country?

Or is it just us? I understand they’re claiming that it’s the highly infectious strain.

But of course we’re probably the only Athletic Department in the country that has been told by the state’s Department of Health to shut down.

Of course the head of that department of health is connected to MSU.

It’s all just a coincidence!

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No…only Michigan. Neighbors Ohio and Indiana have played all high school sports as well without issues… I also find it interesting that the health “director” with zero medical background abruptly left the position on Friday…now this. Something really suspicious

And if I haven’t said this enough, THANK YOU for this site. I hope we continue to grow…JFC I made the mistake of hitting the blahg…what a bunch of liberal morons. ANYONE who remotely questions the new world order is called an idiot and banned. For calling people idiots. Yep they are Dems. Hypocrite bullshit

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@Meeechigan - you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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The rats on the blaugh think they are the Ministry of Truth

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Certain parts of MGoBlog are peak soyjak

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Has the B1G Set a dangerous precident in the football and allowing osu a free pass. Say UM doesn’t play another regular season game…highly unlikely but…as the most obvious top team in basketball before the stop in play…are we granted a seat at the table?

We shut everything down why? Show me the data. Warde is a liberal blow hard fool. All rats on the blaugh are in their echo chamber bunkers. Crazy thing is young people in healthcare that qualify for the vaccine have side effects… because they dont need it. Chaos corruption control. Admit it Michigan brainwashed our kids.

I would bet Warde has less power than many think this is a schlissel and board of Regents call.

Warde is blind. If I was athlete, I would transfer asap. They are slaves of a liberal system of control.

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Honestly it’s not warde. He is answering to schlissel and the regents. He’s a two sport letterman at UM…he cares about competition. This is above his pay grade

And in other news…
“They were actually gunshot wounds,” a coroner stated. “The people had tested earlier in the month for COVID and because they did have COVID, our state health department is listing them as COVID deaths.”

The study found that if the CDC had abided by the guidelines for reporting causes of deaths that they had been using for nearly two decades, the total COVID-19 fatalities would have been approximately 92 percent lower than what was reported.

According to the calculations by the IPAK and the PHPI, by today’s numbers, that would take the 468,000 reported deaths down to just under 35,000.

In perspective…an annual flu total is between 40 and 80K per year WITH typical pre-vaccinations and many who have natural immunity from prior exposure. Yet…Corona bullshit had brought is to a complete standstill.