I don't think Harbaugh leaves

I just don’t see Manuel firing him in a pandemic year. Although Harbaugh has been mediocre at best, it’s not going to happen. I will say he is going to have to get rid of some assistants, probably starting with Don Brown. The Michigan job has lost a lot of its luster and don’t think it is the destination job we all would like to think it is. Let’s play Cade and see how this thing plays out.

I’m starting to believe this is the most likely outcome as well.

Agreed. I’m writing 2020 off as a learning experience. Lots of opportunities for new recruits to come in and challenge for immediate playing time.

It’s frustrating to say the least, the season is chaos. We are young, we lost a lot of talent to COVID scenarios and draft status. We wasted two years on the Shea experiment and now we are paying for it. Was Patterson good? He did his job. But that left no returning experience. To me it would have been better to bite the bullet, dance with the one you recruited, and have a rough season to prepare for here and now. I am not sure Harbaugh is the savior. I am not sure we just let him go and suddenly things are better and we start winning national titles. Unless we are willing to sell our soul to the devils, it’s not going to suddenly happen.
I think Harbaugh cares, I think he’s having a hard time finding the groove, be it confusion, be it his temperament and rubbing coaches and players the wrong way, all seem relevant.

You only say that because we just beat Rutgers. Wait till he drops 2 of the next 3 and Ohio hangs 60 on us. I’m sure Michigan can attract someone for 7 million.

Personally I don’t, and I wouldn’t even say we beat Rutgers sadly. I would argue we avoided a loss to Rutgers. We line up for an OT field goal, which we have sucked for how many years now??? and somehow THEY miss too…that wasn’t a win it was a failure to lose. Cade looked good. We have been a solid play quarterback away from success since Harbaugh arrived. He is apparently not the mythical QB whisperer many declared.
With the 7 mil…who do you attract that suddenly turns the program on a dime? And as much as I hate to say it, OSU hanging 60 on us has as much to do with their athletes as it does our coaching, probably more. I’ve been involved with Michigan football for sevral decades…I was there for the glory years and have struggled through the chaos of Carr, Rodriguez, Hoke, and now a mild uptick with Harbaugh.
When the basketball program cratered thanks to the NCAA and a feel good coach who turned a blind eye, it took forever to hit our ceiling again. I felt Amaker was a good hire…he was about like Harbaugh, brought some order but wasn’t the guy. I thought Beilein was THE GUY, took us to the title game a couple times, couldn’t pull off the win. That’s not a knock on Beilein…he’s the reason basketball is where it is. We haven’t had a chance to see Howard perform magic yet, but they were off to a great start until the china flu put everything on hold. His recruiting says it will get better…football may need the same.

Beilein has lost 2 national title games and has won multiple big ten titles and never struggles against Michigans rivals, going about .500 vs Izzo which is like going .500 vs Ohio State. The basketball program was also in much worse shape than football because nobody cared about Michigan basketball. One thing you could be sure of that Beileins teams got better and better as the year wore on. Harbaugh’s teams get worse.

What you see is what you get with Harbaugh. I dont see how you can watch the product on the field and want more of it. You arent going to go from getting beat by a horrible MSU team and needing 3 OT’s to beat Rutgers to winning a Big Ten title. I’d rather give someone else a shot even it means a couple of .500 seasons, which is what we are gonna get with Harbaugh anyway.

Point the money cannon in the air and somebody will come. College football is a business, something Michigan understands behind closed doors even if it doesnt say so publicly. Keep Harbaugh and those “100,000” fans in the stadium are going to stop showing up.

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fully agree with staying the course runs a great risk of losing the 100K fans. I sincerely don’t know what’s best right now. I agree with cut the cord, start new and ride the path. I said the same with QBs instead of bringing in the next grad transfer. Suffer a season with the stud you recruited and pay the dividends by the end of the season, maybe the next one.

I mean zero offense to you, the ‘money cannon’ bullshit is nonsense. There is no money cannon. The athletic department has a sizeable budget, but it gets so old listening to board jockeys talk about money they don’t have, and money they won’t contribute, expecting Stephen Ross to just unload cash or count on some wealthy alum to pay for a new coach…if that’s the hopes and dreams…we truly are screwed. That take reminds me of the idiotic liberal pukes at Mgoblahg…living in their own fantasy filled with UM arrogance.

To your point, we cannot continue losing to rivals, we cannot continue to lose top ten matchups and bowl games. The recruits will stop coming, and fans will stop buying in. After this whole stay home thing, I honestly believe college football is facing a HARD impact should they gain a brain and return to play with fans in the stands next year. I think the age of streaming, TV coverage, and convenience of home is going to cut into ticket sales big time no matter who you are. Harbaugh is not going to save the program…it is looking bleak.

Well, all the immature “brains” on MGoBlog are imploding. The same freaks that scalp tickets for $5 and won’t really support the team. Sad.

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I don’t care to turn this into a blahg vent, that site completely crumbled with the idiotic bias narrative. It’s arrogance vs reality and reality is unwelcome. They melt down because they can’t see beyond their Michigan arrogance. Sometimes you have to accept it is what it is, work through to be better. Any opinions contrasting the little dweebs who run that shit show and it’s off to bolivia. It’s obvious the
Little boys who were once bullied are doing the bullying.

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I don’t think harbaugh leaves either but there will be a purge, extending out into the recruiting office. He won’t have a choice.

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Change seems imminent. But to what end and what advantage? I am not arguing against the idea just a question of, does it help or hurt? What we have is a struggle maybe we hire home run replacements, maybe it takes us a few steps backwards. How does replacing staff affect recruits? If Harbaugh stays, do new coaches actually matter if he micromanages everything? I just think about the benefit of change.

I mean I keep saying. What’s the worst that can happen football wise? We have suffered every indignity imaginable. At least we get the buzz of a coaching search. Those are always fun.

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Lol solid point. My chief concession, we have a solid academic base which is why these kids are here. We have sent several to true NFL who are enjoying a lot of success. We are in one of the weirdest seasons ever. Harbaugh is a Michigan guy who cares a lot about the university and program if he chooses to go it is the right thing to do. He
Osu is an unrealistic goal for now, just recruiting and playing on a different planet than any other time. We should NOT lose to MSU… we should not struggle with Rutgers. If there was a great coach in the wings make the move. If we just change to get a new coach so we can win more games that’s sure to fail more than succeed. Change because it’s an obvious situation. Hell even Juwan Howard hasn’t had a chance to prove himself yet and Beilein laid an incredible base. And even Beilein couldn’t bring home a national title …so was he a bad coach?

Beilein built a dead program into a national powerhouse. Did it whilst his main rival and also instate competition with a top 5 coach all-time could guarantee a recruiting class a final four trip. Oh and the Big Ten us arguably the SEC of basketball. Beilein should have something named after him on campus one day.

He was ahead of his time too playing from outside in with dribble hand offs, 3 point shooting, no fouling, forgoing offensive rebounds to get back on D and hedging. Now look at the NBA. Your point guard is your primary scorer and shot creator.

Go out and get someone that’s hungry. Harbaugh came to Ann Arbor to retire and raise a family.

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I do not argue to disprove or say you are wrong. I just express a different thought…All excellent points. A counter argument, basketball can change the scope of a team with one or two players. I’m not discrediting Beilein I nearly cried when he left. What’s our standard? Win a national title or bust?
With football it’s Michigan for the good of the bad. Jim is here to retire and raise his family in the city he’s spent most of his life. Is that a terrible thing? If you want to win titles yeah it’s a bad thing.
So I still counter, who do you get, do you expect sudden success? It took Beilein a long time to build the program where it is today. I’m just not 100% confident getting Harbaugh out fixes it in a year or two. Then do we get the torches and pitch forks and run the next guy out? Just a lot of questions. Does he deserve $7M a year…that is an easy one. Maybe the net move is offer a $1M contract…leave it in his hands.

No risk no reward. You have to decide if the status quo is ok or not. If it isn’t then make the change. I was all in when Harbaugh became coach, but something changed with him. He is not the same and the team reflects that. I think he should be graciously let go at the end of the season. I don’t care if we get the big name coach, in fact I think we should find an energetic coach that has won everywhere he has been. Kind of like Beilein.

solid point. No risk, no reward. Sometimes the risks are greater than the reward, particularly with the intricacies of coaching college football with the odds we face, Harbaugh or not. He isn’t the qb whisperer. He hasn’t hired enough good assistants to tip the balance. We were close in 2016, and haven’t been there since as the OSU train continues to build steam.

Our best chance to ‘defeat’ OSU is to stay in COVID lockdown, not play the “game” and screw them out of the championships. It looks like that has already begun with halt to all football activity.

My chief concern is finding someone who will move the program forward without affect to recruiting, or status quo in regard to ethics/academics. I guess much like my thoughts on a QB…you have to suck for a season, so be it, play on for the future and maybe this is the prime time to do it. Cutting Harbaugh loose is easy, there are plenty of NFL gigs available if that’s what he chooses to do.

The “brilliant” arrogant minds at MGOBLOG are at it again. Same drama and message with Hoke then on to support for a Harbaugh hire. Now they want him fired.

Its the ownership similar to the Lions. Michigan needs to be administered similar to O$U. If they don’t like that, they go on mute please.

It’s becoming apparent that the powers that be at Michigan are running things like the Fords do the Lions. It is hard to beat an apathetic culture. Regardless of coach, Michigan will not ever win big without a complete buy-in by all involved.