Is it risky to hire this DC

Is it risky for Harbaugh to hire an unproven DC when his back is seemingly against the wall? I feel like he is fighting for his job and just question this move. Obviously he has a lot more information about this guy than we do, but it kind of scares me. Feel like we need someone who is proven. Just my thoughts, what do you guys think?

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Great question…just read an article Jim said his goal is a big ten and national title. He said absolutely no decisions will be based on job security, it will be on his staff and his players and the goals.
Being an NFL linebacker coach, I’d guess DC is just a matter of coordinating plays . Having the ravens staff to bounce questions off of should be fruitful. At this point, the offense is the bigger question. Alabama won because they scored 7 touchdowns and had the ball possession most of the game. That’s modern football. Score 7s and the defense will take care of their small part.

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I don’t think Harbaugh is fighting for his job at all. Didn’t he just get a contract extension? Of course the extension is a facade in order to give credibility to a stable coaching appearance for recruiting sake.
Harbaugh won’t stay at Michigan past the end of the upcoming '21 season.

I don’t believe Jim Harbaugh ever intended to be be at Michigan this long. I think he thought he was just going to walk in; turn things around, crack a few nuts on Bo’s gravestone & beat OSU & MSU, win the B10 and after maybe 4 years he would return back to the NFL having fulfilled the prophecy of his great anointed birthright by saving Michigan football…

Well, oh shit! Oops none of that occured so he’s stayed on trying to make it occur but all he does is continue to dig himself into a deeper hole and now even Harbaugh doesn’t konw how to get out of; and neither does Warde.

Harbaugh has an entire year to work himself into a position where he can land back on his feet someplace in the NFL and that is what I think is likely to happen. Also buys time for Warde - he now has a year to line someone else up, too.

Harbaugh’s bs about goals to win the B10 & National Championship are just coach speak lip service for the sake of maintaining a decent recruiting profile for the foreseeable future - afterall he is still a professional and he is still employed by the University of Michigan - so that is where his professional loyalty is dictated to be - but his heart , mind & future he realizes is somewhere else.

Anyway enuff about Harbaugh’s BS & football. Lets return to it after basketball is over. We’ve a 10-0 Michigan MBB team that is playing like a serious final four championship contender that is deserving of a helluva lot more attention right now than Jim Harbaugh.
As I see It…BchRak

I say if Howard can’t win the national title this year, he needs to go. We need to start showing these coaches it’s national title or get the fuck out. Hutch…I’m looking at your what have you done for me today? Bakich? Runner up is kissing your sister bitch. Win or get out. Just continue to add another million to each successive contract until we dominate the universe in everything. No more losing. Fire the money cannons hell yeah! It’s not my money but I know someone will cough it up!! Win at all costs. Just keep dumping bigger money into bigger coaches until we win everything. MICHIGAN BRAH! (Anecdotal Mgoblagh insane poster sarcasm)

Recruiting says NO. More reinforcements on the way via portal.

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Yeah they landed a solid class, now it’s time to make it work or find a better situation.