Jim Harbaugh Odds to be Next Lions Head Coach Skyrocket!

Yes! That would punish him and his nepotism. We all know any head coaching career ends in Detroit. Thoughts? I would be bummed normally, but have grown to know the people of Detroit and the metropolitan area love mediocrity. It’s a community that trusts government, and wants less freedom with more laws like Chicago. Doug Karsh (97.1) today was saying he hopes the Lions beat the Packers. His reasoning was to show that Patricia was bad. Nanananaa Boo Boo WTF?!? Yes he is a Michigan fan too. What is wrong with these people? We get nothing by winning except losing a great draft pick. The fans in the Detroit and Ann Arbor area will push the Fords to do stupid things, can it change?

Waht. Huh. Reading through the alcohol. Liberals are deranged.


I’ll make it easy for you. Detroit and Ann Arbor are stuck in a rut of losing because of horrible cultures. Why would you do something that you know will not work? There are history books for a reason. Maybe Ohio is doing something right? Nah, we have arrogance and wins from the 1800’s. Most wins right? Sad that people can’t see the broken administrations in Detroit and Michigan. I apologize for not being clear enough previously.

Harbaugh isn’t going to coach the Lions.

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Yes it’s very easy to pick the field, but the Fords are completely failing as owners for the past 65 years. It’s definitely something they would pull the trigger on. Hell, the people of Detroit voted for a NAFTA candidate and it cost Flint and Detroit their economies. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they pushed for Harbaugh, and the Ford family obliged. They’ve done much worse to themselves. They love the pain and repeating things others have shown don’t work in history. Next we will adopt Chicago gun laws that only increase crime and despair locking up more minorities on technicalities. I’m so frustrated by people not using their heads and avoiding doing actual research. I can totally see the Fords hiring this moron. I can also see Michigan being dumb enough to lose recruits just to pay him another year. Auburn fired their coach today with a 20 million dollar buyout. Why? because they will lose more in revenue if they keep him. We need business people making decisions and not administrative personnel that are clueless in life. If we don’t we will be Tennessee very soon and losing 50 million a year on empty seats, merchandise shrink and donation losses. Oh well, Roll Tide I guess. That’s my new team I will root for other than Michigan. :frowning:

Vegas have now updated Harbaugh as the #1 in odds (tied) as the next Detroit Lion’s coach. I guess I wasn’t too far off after all. SE Michigan is bleeding people for a reason.

Really…why would he want the Lions job? Odds makers make money off fools and desires…could the Jets happen? I’d even say that’s a stretch. He’s coming back, new staff, and a short term shot at turning things around.

Here, maybe this will clear it up…Vegas have now updated Harbaugh as the #1 in odds (tied) as the next Detroit Lion’s coach. I guess I wasn’t too far off after all. SE Michigan is bleeding people for a reason.

You do realize Harbaugh has been a complete failure at U of M and is hated by most of the fans that care about real success in life. I am talking about tangible success, and not hoping things change magically with free handouts (that aren’t free). Why would he go to the Lions? More pay than he will get at Michigan, luxury travel (not on a bus), luxury hotels, no recruiting, and a bunch of idiots that have zero expectations as his bosses (similar to U of M).

To quote the former money ball AD Dave Brandon, " I suggest you find a new team to root for". Money isn’t everything and if he REALLY wanted that NFL gravy train, why did he leave a team he took to the Superbowl to return to a place he spent most of his life? For some people it’s not money that means success, I realize in a bank vault tunnel that’s the only form of success. It’s how you spend your days. As my dad said it best…you can’t hurry me with the cash, what’s it matter.

It actually was 100% about money. Harbaugh was ran out of Frisco and the owners were not interested in keeping him because he was an asshole. Now he is on medication and is a weirdo. Those that say it isn’t about money are stuck in a political or government position normally. They are scared shitless that one day they will have to actually work and earn their money. If you think the cavalry is coming it’s not. Harbaugh should get paid 2 million a year, but we don’t have the balls to do that like, Bama, Clemson or Ohio would. Soft people will get you soft results. Michigan football is a business and is a money cannon for the school, however it is drying up the further we get away from the 90’s because envious teachers hate capitalism and success. We are one of the biggest bunch of pussies in the NCAA. Apparently most of the fans like it, and MGoBlog is just a bunch of racist people that hate Americans and freedom. Michigan is all for government control like North Korea. If you don’t agree with the cancel culture they are prejudiced toward you. If you don’t look like a loser they hate you and won’t acknowledge anything you say different. What we are doing at Michigan isn’t working, and Ohio gets closer academically each year. It’s sad!

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I will honestly and sincerely say your take isn’t 100% wrong. Perhaps a bit to the extreme though I probably support more of your opinions that you might believe. I think Harbaugh wears on prod. Not all people, he’s high motor and thinks different.
I don’t believe he’s the solution for a national title. I don’t think beating osu on the field right now is a realistic goal. In time? Sure. But basing coaches on three years to win or you are out is futile. As for making the university money, UM is unique in the money aspect. The athletic department is self sustaining. They make thier money, support their programs, and pay the university scholarships…as in the money is there’s not the University.
If OSU is catching UM academically…good for them getting better. I always held resentment but I have come to appreciate the academic part of OSu as something separate from football machinery. None of their key players, and likely none of ours are there for the degree so what does it matter? Coach Howard cared about the degree and completed his on time while playing for the Pacers and studying on basketball time. After $100Mil contract and now UM coach…what did it matter?
My degree secured me a good job. My masters degrees did nothing except spend money and meet requirements. If winning a national title and big ten title drives your every thought…you and harbaugh have more in common than you care to admit.

What a rant… Harbaugh bad, Detroit bad, more guns, liberal tears…checks all the boxes!

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And…the odds just hit zero. Man I hope idiots lost their financial asses betting this line.

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All the rats on the blog are going nuts. They know everything about nothing. Bitter people.

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