Last night vs. Illinois

What a seemingly lackluster effort by Michigan last night. I understand you are going to have nights that the shots don’t fall, but the defensive effort was atrocious. Granted Illinois played very well, but was that because they played well or because our defense was so bad. Especially disappointing for a game in which the conference championship could have been clinched. Hope they bounce back and drill Sparty. Although it is not easy to bounce back quickly from a game played so poorly.

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Meh, it was rough to watch but we got punched in the mouth by a bully. Played flat, and it was exaserbated by poor shots and just flat play. Foul trouble etc. I’m placing no blame, you’ll have games like that. Have to bounce back and win. We control our destiny.

Pathetic performance considerring yeah a championship clinching game at home… reminded me of the football team vs OSU.
JH = JH? Just flat getting their asses handed to them in a championship clinching game. Not even competitive.

I get that sometimes players go cold shooting but team wide? Michigan couldn’t throw a ball into the back of a pick truck box last night. And they just flat out got DESTROYED on the boards.

Neither team started out well at all - was awful but Illinois played thru it by tenacious rebounding & Michigan ? idk - its JH’s problem to solve but a helluva lot of teams could have beaten Michigan last night.
Yep, forget it and beat sparty…
As I See It…Bch Rak

I think all of our questions were answered against Sparty. The Illinois game was a hiccup, a big hiccup, but a hiccup nonetheless. Go blue

Credit to illinois they came to punch us in the mouth. Our body of work made the game insignificant in the bigger picture.

I’m not ready to call the Illinois game a hiccup; time will tell as school is still out on that, I think; and to call the game insignificant at this point is not correct…
There are a lot of ways one can look at the Illinois/Michigan game that may give plenty of significance. Certainly, psychologically on a variety of levels, should there be a rematch in the B10 Tourny.
But also given Illinois’ defeat of OSU this afternoon gives the Illini an argument as Co-champs - whether one agrees with it or not especially IF Michigan loses Sunday against MSU…
Only a mere .02 point will separate the 2 teams:
Michigan at 14-3 being 0.82
& Illinois at 16-4 being 0.80
Obviously if Michigan defeats MSU there is no argument whatsoever and this item alone should provide Michigan with plenty of motivation but IF Michigan loses at MSU then it provides for a door crack opening of reasoning to argue for the Illini as Co-Champs given only 0.02 separating the 2 teams and the Illini waxing of Michigan in Ann Arbor in the only regular season Head to Head meeting…

Michigan needs to defeat MSU Sunday in East Lansing to shut the door completely on any case the Illini might try to conjure up. Hell they might even want to hire some of Trumps lawyers too argue their case before the B10 Supreme Court. Hahhaa
Aint sayin; jus sayin…Bch Rak

Agreed and solid points. But the B1G laid the groundwork in football. When they gifted OSU the title, “rules” are out the door on totals. Beat Moo U today and close the book.