Merry Christmas

Great to be a Michigan fan!

That’s the starter kit for being a M fan :slight_smile:

You’ll need way more than that to survive.

Not really. Life is just perfect with priorites like family, friends, and the Light. God bless you. No bitterness for the New Year is my wish for you

Merry Christmas to you and your families! Tis the season for joy and cheer and put behind the woes of the year. May it bring you peace and joy

Im all about that Hendricks…
…and yes it should be front & center!
Jus sayin…BchRak

…and speaking of “joy & cheer”.
Ya know who lives better than I do?

I do! Jus sayin, I’ve spent the last 5 weex or so bouncing around The Keys. Beautiful beaches, water, weather & women…

Why leave? BchRak

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Good for you! Never been, but I’ve heard some glorious stories from the keys…live it up

How’s that for a thermo-nuclear Florida Keys beachfront sunrise?

Couple mornings ago…BchRak

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Envious…that’s all I have. Live the dream man!

Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree: :santa:t2:

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Happy New Year. Any negative people out there? 2021 will be worse because China has the Big Guy all massaged and in bed.

Jan 6 may be epic. Happy New Year!