Michigan Culture

After speaking with a Clemson fan today I started to think about Michigan’s culture. Not the one in the locker room but the one that is fostered by the University president and other school leaders. Do you think that there is anything that Schissel or the Admin. do the negatively affect the football team’s success? I kind of compare it to the Fords’ running the Lions and despite what they do the Lions are incapable of being successful. Thoughts?

I don’t think Schlissel does anything per se’ that negatively affects the football program. Maybe he could do More that positively affects it - idk this either.

I do know that as President of a Major World renowned , globally ranked ,prestigious RESEARCH University Schlissel has a hell of a lot more on his plate than worrying too much about the football program. That’s Warde & Harbaugh’s problems - if you will.

I will quote Bobby Bowden’s remarks relative to a university’s reputation with its football program. Bowden commented that “a Schools football program is like the “Front Porch” to the University”…
I’m not sure I totally agree with this but it gives one a perspective relative to those viewing a school from passing afar…
If the “Front Porch” is a mess it might give one a negative impression to the entire structure whether deserved or not.

Back to Schlissel; I don’t think the football program or the Athletic Dept in general should be too much of a priority for him. He has an entire top notch University to attend to.

As I See It…BchRak

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Very well said BchRak. Schlissel runs a major research UNIVERSITY…football is the front porch, but I think many are more interested in the bones of the house. I was there in the 80s and even then, students would attend games, some with books in hand reading in the stands. Yeah the stadium seats 100,000+ and viewership is extensive…but the ‘brand’ is global. We traveled all over with sports, and no matter what city, someone was a UM alum. We were on a bus in Palo Alto and I kid you not, five alum, all engineers. They saw a few of us with Michigan jackets, and it started a lot of conversation. None asked if we won or lost, they asked what we were studying.
Is football important? Yeah, that winged helmet draws a lot of people to the University I am sure. But many forget the athletic department is a separate financial entity from the University. They are not co-dependent, scholarship checks are cut to the University.

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Many programs have there struggles. Never seen the culture of our “fanbase” driving commits to decommit. Nice job social elite.

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I’m sure it happens everywhere, and I’m sorry, these kids are too soft anymore. Boo hoo someone said something mean about me or the team. I used crap like that as motivation in the weightroom just to prove people wrong. Social media is the devil, too much exposure, too many snowflakes who read the posts of five unhinged nutjobs and that must be the truth. I agree with your sentiment Backinblue, people need to just shut the hell up, that’s a given.

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I think blaming the culture of the school is silly. The basketball team doesnt seem to have a problem. That with having the Ohio State of College Basketball with a legendary coach in their backyard. Its about the coaching. Teaching the game. Are the coaches teaching the game and making our players better. Are the coaches themselves working 24/7 to find the best players possible?

I dont think Harbaugh is hungry to win to that extent. He came to Michigan to raise a family and retire. We have a saying in boxing. Once a fighter feels those silk sheets it makes it harder to get up in the morning and put in work. I think thats what happened to Harbaugh. I think he was once that guy, not anymore.

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Well except the fact he was in the Superbowl he brought Stanford to life, and took a Hoke team which was exponentially diminishing and won…My personal take, too much changed too many assistants, too many plans, too much up and down with zero identity.
I coached high school football for many years. We changed coordinators nearly every year. Kids learned a new front a new defense a new everything each year and it took most of the year to figure it out. By the time they did…it was on to a new system

The best teams had a playbook they used from elementary school through varsity. They were good self what they knew. Indiana is there. Same system for a number of years and you could feel the momentum. We hired a head coach who did what the winning teams were doing. He identified the kids we had, put a system in place and forced it elementary through varsity. He never missed the playoffs…which was unheard of in our community

Yes culture absolutely matters to the performance of any entity. Those working for a school or the government don’t see it that way because they aren’t truly held accountable when the do a poor job. They think they are held accountable, but it’s not even close. Warde would have been terminated if he was working for Apple, Amazon, OSU, etc,. Michigan is so focused on diversity and socialism that they could care less about football. I agree diversity needs to be addressed in all areas that need it. The current African American population mix in America is 14.5%. If your company isn’t at that then you could do a better job and need to recruit better.

The Michigan administration could care less about their number one marketing tool and revenue driver. Ross doesn’t give Michigan a tenth of what he would have without football. Clemson university wasn’t on the radar for any student outside of the Carolinas, but now have a massive influx of out of state tuition dollars. If you’re a 17 year old kid and see the fun in the crowds and great bowl trips you want to join that orgy. Why would you come to Michigan and get close to the same education, deal with the hippie bullshit, pay a lot more tuition, deal with fans that settle for third place, and live in the cold? You wouldn’t unless you’re a weirdo- like our coach.

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