No Spring Practice or Event?

But our PSD and season ticket renewals will be due. You think coming out of this China virus mess the Athletic Dept. would throw us a bone. You can’t tell me anyone is going to get fatality sick watching a sport outdoors.

Let just vacinnated in then and the low risk population. That’s probably racism.

I’ve ben flying in packed planes with packed airports and zero has happened. But you can’t sit outside and watch a game. This is beyond ridiculous.

This is never going away because viruses will always be with us. One positive and shut it down. I would bet $ OSU will be having an event.

I couldn’t spend money on buying season tickets for this team/program. It’s been 15 years since they’ve been competitive with OSU.

I go to one or two games a season, and watch the rest on TV.

The AD is in a ‘take it or leave it’ mentality - I’m at 80% ‘leave it’. I’m good with my current level of engagement/spending.

I am still a fan but I am tired of what has been, at best, mediocrity. So now we don’t get to watch a glorified practice that is set up to get our hopes up only to lose to OSU again. I don’t care at all about a spring game. Hopefully the team, and Harbaugh, will show life. Last season was an absolute embarassment. Sometimes you’re going to lose, I get that, but they looked like they didn’t want to be there. After months of thumping their chests and talking about how badly they wanted to play.

Meh I can take it or leave it. I know a lot of folks get in to the spring game but it’s never been a big deal for me. This covid bullshit is beyond stupid. Michigan is now one of the worst stares again after paying a punishing price for a year. Meanwhile Texas faces “neaderthal” commentary from dipshit and their rates are GOING DOWN…
Buddy of mine at Henry Ford health systems said we are playing a dangerous game of kick the can. Get it now or drag it out to later you will never recover the financials and mental health damage

I guess Harbaugh is in the sub again. This process hasn’t worked yet. Maybe in his mind. No fans no TV … but please send $.

I don’t think we can get anyone better, but the results are weak to non existent vs. his own expectations. 2021 or bust.