Playoffs who do you think?

I’m going to start with what is probably obvious
Notre Dame
In that order.
I think clemson beats ND and OSU faces bama…which creates a unique opportunity to move ND out, do they really want clemson/ND 3?

Clemson is so smart playing tune up games all season every year, and getting their second string players more time to learn the system. They should never be in the playoffs until they schedule real teams, but I agree they will get in. I don’t see Notre Dame getting in unless it’s a very close game. I just hope ND wins even though it kills me to say that. :frowning:

well here’s my shocked face…in order, and I’d bet once the seasons started, the CFP already had this in place. Well other than ND which is this year’s ‘wild card’ instead of Oklahoma or Oregon, or insert extra SEC team here. Becoming a bigger and bigger joke. The ONLY focus is money and it’s turned college football into a predictable have and have nots. If this is corporate football…this is dumb.

Totally agree. All the more reason ripping coaches on other teams is meaningless. They don’t have a chance. Need to expand to 8 for starters. I liked the old bowl system

I prefer the old bowl reward system, let the coaches and press call the champion unless you plan to follow the D-2 D-3 model with REAL playoffs. Put the college back in college football

Whats will fix this current 2 team very regional bs fbs playoff thing is by expanding to 8 teams and giving an auto berth to the P5 conference winners with 3 at large berths.

This creates playoff interest on a national scale as each geographic region/conference has a team in the hunt as well as opening the at large interest to ND as well as Group of 5 teams as well as any deserving 2nd place P5 team.

I.E.; If 8 team playoff this year you could see:
Alabama, Clemson, OSU, Ok, Oregon + ND, Cincy & TA&M

This playoff lineup would have a Nationwide interest as well as the surprise underdog being cincy.

8 team playoff with 5 conference champs meriting their Auto bid.
As I See It…BchRak

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I think you are on to the right path. It has to expand beyond the current three darlings and a friend plan. I have heard the argument, well students and classes…well football takes a toll. Funny, D-2 and D-3 guys must be tough as nails and have no classes. I would think quite the opposite. Not as deep at any position, and most are IN class because the option for going pro is near zero.
It can be done. So do away with all the damn cupcake schedules OOC and lay the playoffs out as described. Here is the D3 16 team format…sure works for them.

Giving the 5 P5 conference winners an auto berth also sends a VERY clear message to the entire FBS football world:
“Want to be in the playoffs? Then WIN YOUR CONFERENCE!”
Meritocracy at its finest - win it on the field! Gee! Whata concept!

As I See It…BchRak

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Absolutely. The current system runs on corruption aka it’s all about money. ANY time you make money a factor you lose the integrity.

Popularity contest. Always was, and still is. There’s just four cool kids at the dance, now. The right cool kids?

Russians won the 1980 hockey medal too.

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Yes sadly it is. Wasnt supposed to be, the idea was the four best. Instead it has become the four be$t money is the root of evil.

The idea was in fact a popularity contest. By an authoritative based committee controlling & choosing their idea of the so-called “4 Best teams”; does in fact make it subjective and a popularity contest.

The hell with the so-called “4 best teams” concept is what I’ve always been in favor of. Make these teams earn a playoff berth by winning their conference whether they are the so-called “best” or not. If they’ve won their conference title then put them in the playoffs. I don’t care if they are considered “best” by popular vote or not. IF they earned that spot then fuking give it to them. the hell with “best teams” and committee subjectivity.
If some great all time “best team in college history” happened to lose the conference championship game thru some fluke , well thats what the 3 at large berths are for to include such a team. But if some so-called substandard team is who won the damn titles then they are the team that earned & merits that auto bid.

I agree. I think changes need to be made. I realize Bama and Clemson are there every year no matter what, but if you expand it to 8 teams maybe somem other schools get some of those recruits.The field would be leveled a bit and maybe some of the games would be better.

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open it up to P5 conference champion auto-bid with 3 extras, or seed top 16, much like FBS and other levels of football at the college level. The early rounds are hosted by the higher seed team at HOME…semifinals and finals could be tied to major bowls.