Predictable playcalling thus far

Scott Bell had some interesting analysis on the playcalling thus far (subscription/paywall required, I’m copy pasting an excerpt) -

"Here’s a look at Michigan’s second-down play calling during its first 10 series, before it got into full-on hurry-up offense mode.

Series 1

  • 2nd and 10: Giles Jackson run for -3 yards (Michigan punts)

Series 2

  • 2nd and 7: Blake Corum run for -6 yards (Michigan punts)

Series 3

  • 2nd and 10: Pass to Ronnie Bell for 24 yards (Michigan eventually scores TD)

Series 4

  • 2nd and 10: Zach Charbonnet run for 4 yards (Michigan punts)

Series 5

  • 2nd and 9: Pass to Ronnie Bell for 11 yards

  • 2nd and 9: Pass to AJ Henning (inc – overthrown) (Michigan punts)

Series 6

  • 2nd and 7: Hassan Haskins run for 2 yards (Michigan punts)

Series 7

  • 2nd and 10: Pass to Nick Eubanks (inc – dropped) (Michigan punts)

Series 8

  • 2nd and 9: Hassan Haskins run for 1 yard (Michigan eventually scores TD)

Series 9

  • 2nd and 10: Joe Milton sacked on passing attempt (Michigan punts)

Series 10

  • 2nd and 10: Chris Evans run for 3 yards

  • 2nd and 6: Pass to Zach Charbonnet for 14 yards (Michigan eventually scores TD)

Totals (I’m not counting sack yardage against the rushing total because the intent with that playcall was to pass it):

  • Passing: 3-for-5 passing, 49 yards (sacked once)
  • Rushing: 6 carries, 1 yard"


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It is frustrating. Maybe its the old school fail mentality. The line is loaded and its off guard. What happened to the screen, a 10 yard pass. Does Harbaugh watch pro football?

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Or for gods sakes how about the five yard slant EVERYONE kills us with? We have plenty of film on how it works.
I know they want to establish the run to run but mix it up. I consider the Minnesota coach a young and savvy guy. His comment was, we had no idea what was coming next. Where did that go?


Isn’t it called “Speed In Space”?
(Sarcasm - according to several Harvard studies its thee language of the intelligent)
Aint sayin, jus sayin…BchRak

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Felt like Minnesota we saw some space. But IU/MSU what we packed in space we more than made up for with a lack of speed… It’s almost like Harris had some freedom game one, but not so much games two and three

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The questionable playcalling reminds me of times with previous OC’s when everyone thought Harbaugh was meddling in the plays.

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my thoughts exactly. This was night and day from game one to the two losses. Though to be fair, maybe it was a matter of Minnesota not being prepared, whereas IU/MSU just had a solution and we couldn’t figure our way past it. THAT would be ultimately worse. At least if it’s Harbaugh somehow calling shots, he just needs to keep out of the offense. If we don’t have the plays to be 8 in the box, well…it’s going to be a LONG winter.

Couldn’t agree with this post more. Everyone in the stadium knows what is coming on first and second down, typically runs up the middle. If they are working that’s fine, but when they are not then change it up. I was thoroughly impressed with how we mixed up against Minnesota and then we went back to the Dark Ages the past two games. No imagination or creativity.

After the season, dont be surprised (if Harbaugh stays) that Gattis will move on. Gattis has the mind of a modern OC, those plays are coming from Jim.

it’s hard to argue that point. Because regardless of the OC, it’s the same shit. At some point you have to think Harbaugh has the final say and uses it. I just don’t get it. So much talent so many weapons, no heart, no continuity.

I’m as critical of everything to do with Mich football right now but in year 6 you should be able to run power against MSU and Indiana. Even OSU has a base run game everything else branches off from.

I know I’m already going straight to hell anyways so this doesn’t add to it…listening to Urbz talk about how simple their offense is, really hit me. He was on a B1G show and had film of the OSU line read. I don’t recall it all but it had to do with pre-snap read, odds and evens. If the QB sees ODD it’s default to this, if it’s even it’s default to that. And 90% of the time the read is effective in positive yardage. And for every negative play, there are two or three big home run plays. He said that’s why they can insert any athlete at QB and run smoothly. Granted it helps having the horses they do…but they haven’t always had this level of talent yet played equally better than us.


@Meeechigan - that is really interesting.

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Sad to say it was mind-blowing. He said it was incredibly simple. It was a read based on the number of decent to the play side. His and knew in two set new where the ball was going and the pre snap cadence alerted the play.

Off topic but will there be a link for Michigan hockey later today?

@goblue85 - yes, there will be.

Yep. I mean Haskins. You know what Haskins is good at? Underneath throws and check downs. Plays that go for 30 yards in college that get snuffed in a heartbeat in the NFL. So he’s 65% completion percentage and 250 yards and his team loses by multiple scores and he gets benched.

Hell I watched someone diagram the pre-snap reads that Don Brown makes his defensive backs do. I just thought back to when I was 20 years old and no way in hell would I want to play in a scheme that physically and mentally demanding. No wonder you have to have 5 star athletes across the board or play in the ACC to get it to work

I took some high school kids up to a spring scrimmage years ago. They were able to sit in the DB meeting room and ask questions of the coaches, this was long ago in the LLLLLoyd regime. The number of calls, signals, variances etc was mind blowing and this was 20 years ago. I can only imagine with all the film and access of video kids have now how much more advanced it is.

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