Realistic coaching candidates

Let’s hear it. Who ya got?

Mario Cristobal, Matt Campbell and Luke Fickell are my top 3. All seem reasonable.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but Fickell has been doing some good things at Cincinnati. The big question is, would Michigan be worth leaving for at this point?

I personally do not agree with fickle. I don’t think he’s a good fit he’s an OSU guy, much the same as Jim is.a Michigan man. I don’t think a saban tree, a hugh Freeze, a rabbit guy is right based on name and name alone. I think you need to put an intense search together and find a guy who has the energy and the interest to make Michigan a conference champ and contender for the playoffs. There are guys and none of them are off the deck obvious

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The word “Realistic” in the OP title really makes the enquiry impossible to answer. None of us know who or who isn’t even interested or willing to come to Michigan even if the job becomes available.
Hence its impossible to give an opinion re “Realistic Candidates”. Maybe “Wish list” Candidates? Chuckle , ok I’ll stfu.
Jus sayin…BchRak

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Nah I think your point is valid, we can sit here all day and speculate. I think saying Kelly is realistic is not happening. Same with saban or dabo

I don’t think anyone with a connection to OSU is a realistic candidate, personally.

Ideal candidate - current D1 OC/DC that has outperformed relative to their recruiting haul, ties to the Midwest (not necessarily Michigan), no connections to OSU, and in their mid-40s.

Insane to think Nick Sheridan and Mike Hart have outcoached Harbaugh…if they had one more stop after Indiana and were successful there, I’d seriously give Nick a look.

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Solid takes I’d still be a big hesitant on anyone with Michigan ties

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Not sure if he has been suggested, how about the coach of University of Buffalo, Lance Liepold? I don’t know much about him, but he is doing great things for his current team.


adding some weight, Warde was once the AD at Buffalo…that’s not far reaching. It doesn’t imply he’s THE GUY…but he’s showing success and could be someone the AD is familiar with and probably hired once.

I really like Matt Campbell. He seems like the next Dan Mullen in that he took a historically terrible and irrelevant program and turned them into a solid top 25 squad. Rumor has it that he was seen as a candidate for the OSU job before they decided on promoting Day.


Campbell is also part of that Mount Union coaching tree…good candidate

I think you need a coach whose offense is going to light things up. Not sure who that guy is, but maybe the joe Moorhead guy

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UCF says it’s no longer Fickle…turns out he is who we thought he was.

I took a step back. Fans are doing more damage to recruiting than a rough year in the midst of a pandemic. Who actually picked Michigan to be a player this year with all the flux on the team?

Im willing to let the team grow up this year. Another change sets us back again. All the "brilliant " minds on MGOBLOG had the same comments 5 years ago. Here we go again. Ride it out.

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My primary guy I want is Matt Campbell. But my sleeper is ask Peterson from Washington if interested.

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I have always been a don’t change for the sake of change guy. Watching northwestern, western michigan, IU, pretty much most D1 teams in the Midwest,.we are not getting there under Harbaugh. Guaranteed nobody cares more about Michigan than Jim…but he’s too far behind the modern curve of modern football. Even Saban understands a good defense doesn’t win games anymore. You need high powered offense and scoring points to win.

If Pat Fitzgerald coached at Michigan, the MGoBlow minds would have fired him. Difference… some fans actually support their program, versus publically trashing and doing more harm.

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Haaa yeah though Pat is a through and through Northwestern guy. He has the fire and modern perspect. He’s doing great things there.

3-3 vs MSU, 0-6 vs Ohio. Im all riddin out sir.

Can you explain to everyone whats the difference between being a laughing stock under Harbaugh and being a laughing stock under someone else? At least the national narrative would be “Hey they got a new coach give it time” instead of “Wow they still suck, hahaha, why is Harbaugh so weird?”