Should we cancel the game against Iowa?

I would vote yes. The University, Athletic Department, and Football Team needs to figure out who the coach is going to be in 2021 first.


agreed, just focus on what’s important, the future. Play the game because the players WANT to play, otherwise, just shut it down, call the season the year of Covid and get over it. I don’t have an issue with guys wanting to play their last game at UM/have a shot at Iowa, crazier things have happened already this year. Personally I’m with you, pack the trucks, hit the weightroom, use this week as ‘game prep’ aka prepare for next year, and then Friday evening…oh sorry B1G we can’t play, too many positive tests…

Remember that everyone who wants to come back next year, will. This was a free year in terms of eligibility.

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oh that’s a great point, I guess my thought is, if you are on target to graduate, or perhaps even consider our current trajectory, would you really want to? Anyone good enough, will consider transfer portal or NFL. Anyone else, maybe they stay maybe they don’t. My son was a freshman baseball player last year, their season ended just as they were getting started. One guy out of all the seniors decided to come back for the extra year. The rest had their degrees and moved on. Football is a little different but I get it.

Yes, shutting it down sends the right message. We don’t agree with what our coach said in August. We don’t care about football. We don’t need the practice, because we are doing just fine. Hard work and going through difficult things isn’t what we are about. Let’s just go up to the Brown Jug and hope universal income will help. What in the holy hell is wrong with people. OMG! Do I need to put a /sarcasm for the dolts out there?

Don’t even start with the “Covid is dangerous bullshit” there isn’t a single athlete that’s hurt long term by Covid, but there are some killed or paralyzed from practicing and playing. So stop the liberal bullshit and jealousy of other programs. We need to man up or drop out of Division 1.

This is embarrassing! People on here rationalizing that Michigan should give up is embarrassing. We don’t even know when the bowl game is and our incoherent leadership said we aren’t playing in a bowl game. The University is making me embarrassed to say that I went to Michigan. Those of you that aren’t probably aren’t too successful in life or lack pride. It’s really sad that we are no better in the public opinion than Rutgers and this isn’t about just football. The leaders at our university absolutely disgust me academically, in athletics and the way we handled things lately. “Dr drop your drawers.”

Our university holds back minorities from playing, pushes for gun laws that only hurt minorities, holds minorities out of our institution, yet says we support these 50 because “she is well spoken.” Wow that’s so generous! NOT! Vote these assholes with their nose in the air out of Michigan. They haven’t done shit in life but whine about those that have. They’re just like the homeless in California; doing the same shit as yesterday waiting for help to arrive. Guess what the cavalry isn’t coming. I served in it and we don’t help those that don’t try.

well it appears the team/University/coaches made the decision, sounds like no Iowa no bowl game. At this point I feel for the kids who want to play their season and move forward in life. At this point 2-4 and going out like this, just end 2020 already, regroup, and move on. I heard Kemp in an interview, he was excited for the chance to face Iowa, I have a bad feeling that was not the voice of the entire team. I am sure they can focus on exams, some of them graduate and move on to great careers, basically the purpose of Universities in the big picture.
A lot of scenarios playing out. I have a difficult time believing Harbaugh comes back with the way the season was just shut down. He keeps stating publicly he is, and the notion is, most of his staff are gone. A lot of moving pieces but recruits seem committed to UM regardless.