Super Bowl last night

Everyone likes the razzle dazzle, side-arm, spectacular plays. It was good to see that a team can win with good old-fashioned running the ball and playing good defense. It has been the formula for a lot of years. Razzle dazzle=highlights


And the new Amerika wants flash over substance, sudden glory over hard work
Tom Brady is the GOAT because six inches to the left or right mean a level of failure to him and that’s why he makes it look so easy. Mahomes is the blind squirrel slinging it around. The line can’t hold while he scrambles around trying to be a playmaker. Consistent delivery is what wins games. Tom Brady prepares perfection and demands it from his team. They have a role the chiefs just wing it

3rd series by Tampa Bay was good football:
Began with 3 straight handoffs to 4net off tackle 4 a 1st down. This set the tone & opened everything up for ‘ole man’ Tommy.