The Domers Can Do It. Why not us?

Didn’t we recently blow them out?

Feels like a lifetime ago, let alone a year, where we absolutely dismantled them after the Penn State game. To be honest, I didn’t expect that at all.

There is some truth to this year being not normal, but my concern is the lack of success will start to hurt recruiting, and that Jim’s contract limbo exacerbates things.

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I would argue ND has no better talent, and certainly no better coaching. Perhaps it has more to do with consistency and a proven path. We seem to be all over the map. I don’t want to discredit using a freshman qb which is essentially what Milton is, and he doesn’t show the ability to put any sort of touch on the ball. It’s rocket or nothing.
For the limbo reasons mentioned, Warde either needs to shore up contracts now and put focus on winning or he needs to be clear on moving forward. Personally I am not in favor of starting all over. But I have to agree with the ‘does this ever get better as is’ crowd. Where Harbaugh lost me was continuing to bring in transfer quarterbacks. Ruddock was a diamond in the rough. The others simply took away from what McCaffrey or Milton should be by now in their third year.

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I’m disappointed in the DB recruiting, is this the best that we can get? I know they didn’t expect Tarik and Nico to be gone, but what happened to recruiting 6’3" receivers to take the top off of the defense. Really baffling stuff.

The loss of Ambry Nico, DPJ etc has made a bigger issue than most think. I felt Gray did a good job until the officials got in his head. He’s young and needs to step up.

Let me get this all out of my system:
Jim Harbaugh in 10 years as an FBS headcoach has won NOTHING.
No championships at Stanford; nothing at Michigan in repeat, 10 years as an FBS HC.

And I’m a firm believer that the success he did have at USD & Stanford was directly the result of David Shaw not Jim Harbaugh.

And the credit given to Harbaugh for Luck as well as Ruddock is misplaced. Luck was going to be an NFL QB no matter what competent coach he played for and as far as Ruddock… lets see; oh yeah he played for 4 years for Ferentz (a damn good coach) at Iowa before his 5th year at Michigan; and I’m thinkin Ferentz must have had something to do with Ruddock’s abilities after 4 years. Ferentz was essentially blackmailed by the NFL related Beathard clan into all but pushing Ruddock out Iowa door; but Michigan fans like to give all the credit to Jim Harbaugh. NO! Ferentz would have loved to have kept him!
Luck played for Shaw at Stanford in his last year b4 moving on to the NFL - Harbaugh had left for the 49ers. But again, Michigan fans like to give Harbaugh all the credit for Luck prior to the Jimmy boi departure as if Shaw didn’t exist.

There were many red flags for me re Jim Harbaugh after his first 2 seasons at Michigan that I would love to elaborate on…
BUT re OP topic?.. ND did it at home against Clemson without the tigers N01 QB for one thing but it will take more than that for Michigan to beat the buckeyes in Columbus this year. Like an OSU forfeit &
Shoreline pollution…BchRak

This is all part of the Michigan Delusion with Jim Harbaugh and we all should know better by now. Jim Harbaugh has never been able to find his “David Shaw” while here at Michigan and its why he has been so…mediocre, by Michigan standards.


have to agree with the Harbaugh synopsis. Great points. Even with SF he couldn’t win a Superbowl and I’d guess he’s burned a number of bridges along the way and irritates other coaches…a LOT. He went all in to secure the top kicker, who questionably may, or may not make an extra point. I just don’t get it. And I once thought Amaker was a good option as basketball coach, and I’d go a step further to say, Beilein seemed like the mesiha, yet he left, and Howard seems to be taking it up a notch. Maybe it’s time to invest in a big football coach who isn’t tied to off tackle left.

People like to bring up 2016 but forget Peppers basically singlehandedly won the game vs Colorado, we beat Wisconsin by 7 points, lost to a incredibly average Iowa team, even with all the ad calls should of blew out the worst OSU team of Urban Meyers career there and then got beat the fuck up by FSU before mental lapses again lost the game for us.

Im at my wit’s end honestly. Pour the resource football gets into basketball and they’d win multiple national titles.

yeah I get it and I think a lot of people are at the same point. But there’s no reason we can’t have both. I was at UM in the glory days of the late 80s and early 90s. We won in basketball, football, hockey, baseball, track, softball…we won at everything. It was a different era for sure.

Because we have a leadership team of soft people. The ND leadership is similar to Ohio. They believe in setting goals and winning. They have very different political views, and I get many don’t like that. You can’t have both, look at California. It’s literally a shit hole and used to be so amazing.