Tom Allen - Fun To Watch

I’ve always had a bit of a soft-spot in my heart for Indiana. Over the past decade or so they’ve been fun to watch. Today in EL, IU is playing some good football. I think my favourite thing, however, might be seeing the passion of Tom Allen.

No need for a thread about JH losing his passion. That’s beating a dead horse at this point. But, it would be nice to see a fired up coach on the sidelines who inspires hIs team to perform at the top of their game. So, this is more of a “Tom Allen” appreciation thread than a “rip on JH” thread.

Fun watching kids believe in themselves and translating that into a really good performance on the field.

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Solid point. I’d rather appreciate good coaching than continue the doomsday horse beating “fire the coaches”. Allen has a good thing going. IU is not an easy place to build a program. He seems to do the right things and for the last few years IU has been a tough win.

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