Warde needs to go!

Warde is incompetent and loves Ohio football. He pulls for them, doesn’t take the rivalry seriously and allows a culture of apathy. Ohio plays for one thing only and that is beating that team up north. Ohio’s AD stresses one thing and that’s beating our asses. The men on Ohio practice with an extra hatred and drive we simply don’t have. MSU practices with a hatred towards us, and guess what it works. Sports are very much driven by mentality. We can’t have Warde blowing Ohio every chance he gets, calling them THE Ohio State University as he fights for them to play in the BT Championship. Warde and weirdo Jim need to go. Our best players are leaving already, and it’s not going to get any better. This isn’t just about Harbaugh. We need to get rid of the candy ass attitude at Michigan. We need someone that isn’t associated with Bo. Bo never won anything. “Those who stay will be third or worse.” Maybe Warde can put that sign up. The times have changed but Michigan hasn’t and the administration is filled with cowards. That would be great if we were running a charity and didn’t have enemies. This attitude would be amazing in life if everyone was the same, sadly other people and nations aspire to win. We get taken advantage of and it’s about to get worse.


I think that people that post should have next to their montra … I played football… I coached football… or I ran a football program.

I hate the typical know everything Michigan MoGoBlog attitude. Stay in your swimlane.

Do people that post actually support the program, good times and bad, donate $, and.offer their time to help. No. They stand on the corner for a big game looking for $5 tickets. You know that person.

They just whine and do zero to help the program. Pitiful.

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I played football, I coached football for 20 seasons. I was a teammate of Warde’s… I graduated with Desmond Howard. I don’t know shit about what’s happening or should happen. I’ve held season tickets for 30+ years. I’ve watched the best of times and worst of times in modern football history at Michigan. I listened to Bo as an athletic director and he was even motivational then.
We need to turn the corner. Fire everyone isn’t the fast path to that turn. Could it be necessary? Sure. Warde is not the problem. Other sports are flourishing. Might be be too close to the football program to think clearly? Sure. But. I will argue, he’s a Michigan MAN, as in he cares more about the football program and University than everyone on this board and the others. Harbaugh is driven to win everything. If it was a race to drink a glass of milk he’d do everything to beat you. Does that translate to national championships? At this point no.
My experience says, be good at who you are, then great at what you do. That’s difficult with a rotisserie of grad transfer qbs. That’s not on Warde.

I played football and know Lloyd Carr well, who cares. Fuck a Michigan man, it is the dumbest shit ever. Why would you handicap your program like that? Football is all that matters and is the revenue driver. We had a basketball player crash Warde’s car. We had Warde sucking Ohio’s dick so they could get in the playoffs. We had Warde let MSU and the Big Ten walk all over us with scheduling. Warde is an idiot and the university president is close to a communist. Let’s take advice from some dumbass gym teacher?

Saban isn’t a Bama man. Bo never won anything and was way overrated. Dabo isn’t a Clemson man. Urban a Gator? Wake up!

Never once said a Michigan man is a prerequisite…but both of them care about the success of the University. Lloyd Card is the catalyst for where we are…he let the program collapse and sabotaged any efforts Rodriguez made. Lloyd was toxic…makes sense you know him well. Had Moeller kept his hands off the bottle the program would be very different

Warde is not the problem. Other sports are flourishing. Might be be too close to the football program to think clearly? Sure. But. I will argue, he’s a Michigan MAN.

You must be a professor at Michigan, you literally wrote that. I guess we will stay the course and keep sucking forever. I can’t fathom how people can be so stupid. Let’s keep doing the same thing and hope the results change. When did Michigan become so soft. We have the type of fans that care more about “being woke” over literally objectively accepting facts. We have fans that discriminate based on politics and hate America, yet claim they are for “the people.”

Or let’s change just for the sake of you know…change to see if we can get what all the cool kids have. Did you change positions in football each week? Sometimes it takes work to get better. Some prefer the “easy button”. ND has built a roster of VETERAN players.

ND’s success is pretty much what Michigan fans wanted ever since Lloyd left - win against most of your rivals (split 50/50 with Michigan) in the season, go undefeated every 4 to 5 years, and win your bowl games. Getting waxed in the Playoffs by teams that cheat I think is expected, and isn’t held against the team.

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Seems like an attainable goal

That’s the thing. Michigan fans aren’t even asking for 80’s and 90’s era football. We are just asking for respectability. Hell I would’ve probably been cool with keeping Harbaugh with 1 big ten title and 1 blow out loss in a playoff game. Year 6 going triple overtime with Rutgers.

Nah you gotta get the fuck out and anyone I’m the athletic department wanting him to stick around need to get out too

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You aren’t wrong…but then who’s the replacement that gives us just that?