What is up with people in general these days?

As I browse other blogs, I see an increase in hate speech, personal attacks, and just evil in general. One that really brought this about, a guy asks for advice on a sensitive issue. Some offer reasonable suggestions, others toss about sarcasm and wit though it maybe not the best place for the jokes…

Conversations then become targeted cancellation statements , berating, heck even threatening if any idea is remotely different from their own personal value. What happened to prove? I am not right, you are not wrong. I may have some background and authority in a subject…but I can argue without evil intent. Perhaps worse yet, site administration and moderators no longer moderate they grab the pitchfork and impale offenders with blinding power.

Seems like more and more conversations are so deeply divisive nobody can discuss anything without fear or truly violent verbal attack and call to arms from the conformity police. It’s amazing in an age where we cite “science” as a defense mechanism…we deftly handle conversation like a witch trials from the 1600s


Plato rightfully pointed out 2500 years ago that democracy will always erode into Mobocracy…

Alduous Huxley wrote long ago:
“The Intelligent should beware in appearing too rational for in a World of the Insane they do not become king…
…they get lynched.” (See above)

Any so-called leader that has come to power based on an ignorant populist vote is in fact no leader.(see below)
Adolph Hitler came to power by a Democratic based Constitutional Republic system not that much different from what exists here in the USA.
Also, the USA, currently has confused Nationalism for Patriotiism. Adolph Hitler would be proud. Gun boat diplomacy is USA’s default national policy…

And here in the USA, citizens have a right to an INFORMED opinion - however far and away most of the electorate has rejected the ‘Informed’ part and rather care to embrace only their ignorance…

Murahka has prostitued itself into Indentured Serviude only caring about $$$$$$ , ignoring its health while burying itself into financial & materialistic slavery.
basically Murahkan society is pathetic at best and its leadership is a reflection of it.
I could go on buh thaz nuff 4 now…BchRak

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dude… standing ovation.:raised_hands:t3:


Where are people supposed to get their information from to become informed? Every news source out there is slanted to the left or right. It would be nice if the news were reported and we were able to form our own opinions. So you have the left listening to news they want to hear, and the right listening to what they want to hear. With both sides screaming at each other that they are wrong. It’s a dangerous cycle

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Well stated and yeah that’s reality. Washington stated political parties were evil and would divide the nation they created…oh how right he was. Political parties aren’t about the people they serve they are agendas for each “side” to shape rules on how they make billions.

Well it is THEE Information Age. Its never been more easy to acquire information as what it is today in this modern era…

…IF one wants to go on an exploratory journey, an Adventure of finding something & anything about Something & Anything.

First, however, one must make room in their heads for what they might find on the Journey. This generally means deconstructing EVERYTHING one has been taught & told their entire life including the self made prejudices of ones own experiences. Put it all on trial, question all of it, then maybe, Maybe, there might be hope for such a mind & heart, but still no guarantees. Haha.

If one has boxed themselves into only considerring Major News Sources - especially those only here in the US well there may not be any hope what so ever for such a typical brainwashed Murahkan Citizen and this is not even considering any lack of Worldly Life Experiences - this also includes most Murahkan Citizenry.

One good place to start , after ridding oneself of all the crap they’ve been taught by their parents, school/university & church (or equivalent) is to learn to question Everything & then read & educate oneself regarding the 100ish Most Influential Books Ever Written. From this one can grasp an idea regarding the History of Human Thought.

Somewhere along the line you’ll want to read & study the US Declaration of Independence as well as the US Constitution, Bill of Rights & its Amendments… key word there is “study”.

Oh and don’t forget about that Worldly Experiences part and I’m not like talking tourist trips to the Vatican, Mattu Pittu, China’s Great Wall ,etc. I’m talking about, for example, Doctors Without Borders in Honduras or carrying an M-16 in a Vietnamese Rice Paddy of thru the streets of Baghdad…

Science, lets not forget about Science. With todays internet its easy to almost instantaneously acquire the absolute most recent Scientific discoveries of any scientific field subject, hypothesis or theory - or that can be considered a Scietific Field. One doesn’t need to wait for some convention, seminar or quarterly publication like in the old days. Today one has easy access to Harvard, Moscow Bejieng London Perth Universities publications and any recent discoveries, questions no matter the field…

OR one can simply settle & tune into the most recent diet of information frum the major news orgs like mom feeding what ever shit baby food to the Babies that most of Murahkin Society is.
OK - need a break 4 I continue my dissertation. Haha

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Does science really matter anymore when a man can identify as a woman? I think we are being told that science(biology) does not matter.

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It’s funny I just had this basic conversation with my kids this week. Question everything. Don’t accept things for their face value, dig and stick to your values before making a choice based on what someone tweeted, blogged, vlogged, etc.