Who is your first choice for new DC?

Derek Mason (former Vanderbilt HC, has ties to Harbaugh) would be my first choice. Who is your first choice for the new DC?

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Matt Patricia?:joy:
Mason would be a good option

I’ll back a new HC’s hire…

Jus sayin…BchRak

A lot of buzz picking up steam for Will Muschamp coming to Ann Arbor to replace Brown

Doesn’t matter to me anymore who Harbaugh brings in; nor on what side of the scrimmage line…

After 10 years as an FBS HC and 6 years at Michigan he has no credibility with me anymore on any level. He can bring in whoever he wants will mean zero to me. HE is the problem. Not any of his past assistants.

His past assistants at time of being hired have all been very credible save maybe Gattis & obviously Sunjay. BUT…hmmmm. Oh Yeah common denominator HC 8 million $$$$$$$ man Jimmy Boi.

Clear this BS out of The Big House and Hey! Warde bring in some fresh air!
Fresh AIR! FRESH AIR!! Warde.
Harbaugh has lingered , like a bad fart on a calm day, for far tooo long.

As I See It…BchRak

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At this point there is no bad take. I’ve said it many times, Saban knows football, defense is less important than putting 7s on the board. You have to score touchdowns. The conservative game planning has killed us and if Harbaugh steps back and let’s coaches coach, he’s a great face of the program. He’s won football games. Is his time almost up? I can’t disagree with that anymore. I don’t believe firing him and picking up the first hot name is the fox.

If Harbaugh would take a more CEO attitude and let his coaches coach their players, I think he would be more successful. Run the overall show, but allow them to do their jobs unhindered. If they fail, move on from them.

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I agree and feel that’s the basics of any great program. Trust the men you hire.

Are people on a blog really this informed? I’m not. I have a career that is not associated with coaching. I will let the people in the sport that do this for a living make a decision that I will support.

See you at the Spring practice… usually 1 of 10k fans there. Versus ohio that fills the stadium. Maybe support for the team is what recruits are attracted to versus fans that assume they know how to run a program. Arrogant.


I am certainly not a coach, nor am I claiming to know more than the coaches. However, i am posting an opinion on a sports blog. I think we all have thoughts on how to make the team we cheer for better.

I am just hopeful that whatever moves are made, whether I agree or not, are successful.

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Well said…we can all speculate, and our opinions are just that.