Will we have a game this week?

The first week Wisconsin cancelled, they did it on a Wednesday (10/28). The second time they did it was last Tuesday (11/3).

The team isn’t exactly in the best place right now, but it is a presently scheduled as a prime time game…losing any additional games at this point is going to tank recruiting. Recruits don’t care if people think this season is an aberration - they’re going to make the decision that’s best for their future, and that probably isn’t with a team that unless they start playing better immediately, is in a free fall.

I am not confident in a game this week, seems like wisconsin is struggling with whatever issues they have. Then again facing a beat up Michigan might be what they have in mind

Hutchinson being out the rest of the season (not official yet) is not good news.

Will not watch another game this year, hoping for enough losses to get harbaugh to resign and take don brown with him, and no more major injuries. Playing Wisconsin would be good for the losing and probably bad for the injuries. Big physical team that hurts ya.

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I’m kinda split on it. My irrational hope is that we win out and he retires. Losing out just makes us look bad/completely tanks recruiting.

The most likely scenario is that we’re going to have something in the middle, and I’m not sure Warde is inclined to fire him.

I understand your point. But hoke recruited well here after 3 years of rich rod. If we get a good coach who can recruit it will happen.

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I don’t think JH will get fired. Think it is really hard to do that in a Covid year. UM is losing a ton of money due to no butts in the seats, so the buyout is even more expensive. He might resign though

I’m hoping they quietly cancel the rest of our season.
Cries quietly

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Game is a go - https://twitter.com/BadgerFootball/status/1325853350978531332

Well there’s that. I’d guess if we were 3-0 and throttled msu and in like we did minnesota the badgers would still be out. I just hope we can rebuild momentum. I gave up feeling bad at the whims of 18-23 year old boys playing a game

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Yes! Thee big question, Will there be a game this week? Well, I’m thinkin Wisky will prolly bring one but seeing as Michigan hasn’t played any “game” for 2 weex now…hmmmm?

Yeah I’ve been skeptical of Harbaugh since his first "real
“recruiting class” after the '15 season. One of the first Michigan fans to sincerely question whether or not Harbaugh really could in fact “build a team” that could consistently compete for East division and B10 championships.
Now after 6 years, the evidentiary record must stand on its own and its simply time to move on from the idealistic euphoria that his initial hiring brought along with the results of that '15 season.

I don’t think Warde will fire Harbaugh; but simply let the contract run its course unless Warde can really lock up a great hire after this season.
Jus sayin…BchRak

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What’s he due in 2021? ~$8M? I know it’s expensive but it could have been a lot worse if they had extended him in the spring.

And to think. He was a Home Run hire. Except he never groomed a QB or had any depth at the position, and was always another position group shy of a full team.

Maybe there is hope. Notre Damn stuck with purple face and seems to be pushing the corruption, NCAA no touch zone.

Game on. Hope it is. Looking forward to talking trash to my father in law all week, as he’s a die hard Badger fan, only to have my Wolverines get stomped on and having to listen to him the rest of the season, bragging about how we got destroyed. Actually, no, not really. Not looking forward to that at all.

Wisconsin gotta see it as a gimme. You get to beat up on a name. Kinda like an up and coming boxer wanting to fight Roy Jones Jr, yeah he’s shot and its an easy W, but also you get your name in the papers.

Yeah I doubt UM sees short term money as an issue. If you lose the majority donors and canvass, saving $8M will be chump change. I don’t see how letting harbaugh go is an instant fix. He’s doing a descent job, against balanced competition. Should it be better? Sure. Is there a bigger issue in the locker room? That’s my guess

I agree, I’m slower than most to jump on the fire the coach bandwagon. It really sets things back when you start over with a new coach. I am not happy with where things stand now, but don’t exactly know what the correct thing to do is. I really thought he was a home run hire, it’s all just really disappointing.

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You cut your losses, we are going to suck either way. There is no difference between losing by 60 to Ohio State and losing to Maryland at this point. You gamble on the future, the longer you put it off the worse its going to get

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It has apparently come to that I hate to say it.

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We’ve been humiliated in pretty much every possible way a program can be humiliated. No where to go but up nervous laugh

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